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From time to time, the Journal of International Humanitarian Action publishes collections of articles on topics of special interest. 

Special Collection:
Psychosocial Elements of Humanitarian Action
This Collection is dedicated to field research discussing the psychological, social, and mental health aspects of humanitarian action. It explores pre- and post-disaster interventions and rehabilitation efforts targeting the psychosocial well-being of the affected communities as well as humanitarian workers.  It aims to explore a variety of beneficiaries' characteristics and contexts using preventive measures including DRR (disaster risk reduction) and empowerment.
Published 8 February 2017 through 29 March 2019

Special Collection: 
Humanitarian Technology
Humanitarian actors have long adopted and adapted technology to improve aid delivery and protection practices. But beyond asking what technology does for humanitarian action, this Collection explores what it does to humanitarian action. It highlights  the need to pay greater attention to the kinds of technologies that various humanitarian actors make use of – including questions about how and why some of these technologies may not necessarily be ‘humanitarian’, e.g. because of how their application may risk exposing crisis affected individuals and communities to various kinds of insecurity.
Published 17 August 2016 through 28 July 2020


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