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Table 2 Final codebook in Nvivo 11.0 organizing literature for synthesis

From: Palliative care in humanitarian crises: a review of the literature

Key theme identified in literature Sub-theme (where applicable)
Palliative care definitions
Who is defined as needing palliative care
 Current practices Current palliative care training and education
Disaster or mass casualty triage
Existing guidelines with limitations
Improvisation and flexibility
Lack of preparedness
Limited resources
Other challenges
 Ethics or what is at stake Competition for resources
Medical and ethical good debated
 Rescue culture
Moral distress
Palliative care as a right
Palliative care as an ethical opportunity
Public trust
 Recommendations Clarify triage and palliative care guidelines
 Vulnerable populations
Context sensitive approach
Evidence-based practice
Imperfect ok
Measurable impacts
Minimum standards
Training and preparedness
 Community preparedness
 Ethics guidance
 Legal framework
 Medication needs
 Place to die
 Support for moral distress
What and how to do still unclear