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Table 1 Big crisis data sources and enabling technologies

From: Crisis analytics: big data-driven crisis response

Enabling technologies Example(s) Example scope(s)
Data source: data exhaust   
Mobile phones, machine learning Call detail records (CDRs) Epidemiology, social network analysis
Data source: online activity   
The internet, machine learning User-generated data (e.g., emails, comments, search engine and social media activity) Sentiment analysis, opinion mining, search and rescue
Data source: sensing technologies   
IoT, data visualization, machine learning Satellites, UAVs, sensor networks, wearable devices Social behavior and enviornmental analysis
Data source: sensing technologies   
IoT, the internet, machine learning Wearable devices, social media Healthcare (e.g., personalized medicine)
Data source: public data   
Open source and open data, machine learning Governmental data (e.g., census, public health and transportation data) Effective policy making
Data source: crowdsourced data   
Crowdsourcing, Data visualization, neo-geography, machine learning Crowdsourcing platforms (e.g, Ushahidi) Crisis maps