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Table 2 Coding frequencies of humanitarian principles, including the top coded challenges

From: Challenges to ethical obligations and humanitarian principles in conflict settings: a systematic review

Individual humanitarian principles (nodes) Sources Coding instances
 • Challenges to their fulfillment (subnodes)
Neutrality 48 283
 • Aid can itself be perceived as political
 • Tension between witnessing and reporting violence and remaining neutral
Independence 44 205
 • Funding sources and connections perceived as compromising independence
 • Organizations implicated in conflicts due to their having resources and investments surrounding the conflict
Humanity 44 153
 • Inability to reach those known to be in need
Impartiality 40 133
 • Pressures on organization to provide assistance not based solely on greatest need
Solidarity 21 29
 • Challenges to promoting solidarity, including distrust among stakeholders or “us”/“them” attitude, among others