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Table 1 Examples of the “Privacy” and “Location” global criteria with weights (wglobal: global weight, wlocal: local weight)

From: Multi-criteria decision model for the selection and location of temporary shelters in disaster management

Description Weight (w)
wglobal wlocal
Privacy 10.10%  
of Families   6.60%
Indicator 1: the building should ensure privacy and dignity to the people affected, even if it needs adaptations of the internal space. Yes No 2.20%
Indicator 2: the temporary shelter must have spatial division designed to preserve family cohesion. Yes No 2.20%
Indicator 3: the temporary shelter must have a number of subdivisions (dormitories) compatible with the number of sheltered families. Value 2.20%
Location 13.00%  
Optimal distribution   6.20%
Indicator 1: maximum distance to be covered by the population at risk to the building (inform the position on the map). Map 2.07%
Indicator 2: the selection of the facility should consider the maximum time of arrival of humanitarian aid supplies to the building. Yes No 2.07%
Indicator 3: the access routes for the population at risk should be pre-determined. Yes No 2.07%