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Table 2 Factors and correlated questions

From: Humanitarian aid workers’ knowledge of minority cultures in Iraqi Kurdistan

Factor 1`number Factor name Correlated questions Significance
1 Mental health and disability Q9—Explanation of mental illnesses 0.894
Q8—Traditional healing practices for mental illnesses 0.894
Q7—Perception of physical disability 0.833
Q17—The roles of men and women 0.733
2 Family and healing practices Q4—Family 0.886
Q6—Traditional healing practices for physical illnesses 0.857
Q5—Living arrangements 0.821
3 Rituals Q22—Restrictions in communication 0.786
Q2—Eating and fasting rituals 0.727
Q14—Funeral and burying rituals 0.708
Q16—Social status 0.665
Q1—Restricted foods 0.623
4 Water and religion Q3—Water and sanitation 0.876
Q12—Religious beliefs and practices 0.772
Q13—Holy places and pilgrimage 0.643
5 Behaviors Q19—Holiday 0.840
Q11—Coping with hardships 0.636
Q18—Behavior 0.635