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Table 2 Expected uptake of safe motherhood services compared with uptake through vouchers, Lahj, 2014

From: Providing safe motherhood services to underserved and neglected populations in Yemen: the case for vouchers

Safe motherhood services Expected % women using servicesa Expected number using services Uptake of services through vouchers Increase (%)
ANC1b 67.0 12,491 16,342 31
Up to ANC2 or ANC3 38.7c 7215 8939 24
Attended by skilled provider 51.8 9658 11,326 17
Institutional delivery 41.0 7644 9521 25
PNCb 29.0 5407 7132 32
  1. aNational Health and Demographic Survey data for Lahj (Yemen NHDS 2015)
  2. bANC refers to ante-natal care provided during pregnancy and PNC refers to post-natal care after delivery
  3. cThis percentage is for all rural areas of Yemen; specific Lahj data for ANC2 or 3 not being available in the Yemen NHDS. All other percentages are specific for Lahj