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Table 2 Results from the data analysis displaying the organization of the overarching theme, themes, categories, and subcategories

From: The burden of choice: a qualitative study of healthcare professionals’ reactions to ethical challenges in humanitarian crises

Overarching theme Themes Categories and subcategories
Struggling to make the right choice 1. Ethics as a sense of right or wrong Experiencing various ethical challengesa  Challenges between self and organizationb  Challenges within selfb  Challenges between self and cultureb Wanting to do the right thinga Recognizing unethical motivationsa
2. Adversely bearing the burden of choice Experiencing emotional sufferinga  Powerlessness and instability  Anger and frustration  Being isolated and abandoned  Sadness Negative impacts on care deliverya Not wanting to continue worka Needing coping mechanismsa  Needing to be tough
3. Held hostage by institutional constraints Being silenced by the organizationa Organization feigning ignorancea Bureaucracy as an alibia Struggling against ordersa
4. The difficulty of preparing for ethical challenges Lacking formal ethical guidelinesa Questioning how to train for challengesa Looking for guidance from the teama Experience making it easiera Positive organizational supporta
  1. aCategories
  2. bSubcategories