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Table 1 Network analysis applications

From: Network analysis as a tool for humanitarian protection: research and practice

Focus on the relationsThe main unit of study is the relations between different actors. Actors may vary between individuals to organisations, NGOs and nations.• Allows us to identify problems or issues based on the relations between actors.
Multilevel analysisDifferent types of analysis can be conducted simultaneously, from small groups to large systems, organisations, movements or national and international systems.• Allows for data analysis from different types of actors.
• Combining different sets of data can provide a wider view of things and may provide a better picture of where protection is needed.
Link between behaviour and structureIt can be used as a tool to investigate how the structure in a network may be influencing behaviour and vice versa: a tool to explain behaviour through the structure and composition of the network.• Allows for a better understanding of where intervention is needed.
Combination and feedback with other social research methodsNetwork analysis can easily be combined with other methods and instruments.• Ideal when network data is not easily attainable.
• Network data may be complemented with other data sets.
• Allows space for respondents to discuss their network.