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Table 3 Standard Protocol (N = 89) versus Blind 2 Therapist (N = 91) SUD and VOC, pre-, post- and 6 months follow-up. Mean, SD and mode values

From: Treating implicit trauma: a quasi-experimental study comparing the EMDR Therapy Standard Protocol with a ‘Blind 2 Therapist’ version within a trauma capacity building project in Northern Iraq

Standard Protocol (control group) N = 89Blind-2-Therapist Protocol (experimental group) N = 91
TimePre-SUDPost-SUD6-month SUD12-month SUDPre-VOCPost-VOC6-month VOC12-month VOCPre-SUDPost-SUD6-month12-month SUDPre-VOCPost-VOC6-month VOC12-month VOC