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Table 2 Core components of the EMDR Therapy phases and protocols: Standard versus B2T

From: Treating implicit trauma: a quasi-experimental study comparing the EMDR Therapy Standard Protocol with a ‘Blind 2 Therapist’ version within a trauma capacity building project in Northern Iraq

EMDR Therapy: 8 phasesEMDR therapy Standard Protocol [SP] phase 3EMDR Therapy Blind 2 Therapist [B2T] protocol phase 3
o Phase 1: history taking
o Phase 2: preparation
o Phase 3: assessment
o Phase 4: desensitisation
o Phase 5: installation
o Phase 6: body scan
o Phase 7: closure
o Phase 8: re-evaluation
o Target memory
o Worst part
o Negative cognition (NC)
o Positive cognition (PC)
o Validity of cognition (VOC)
o Emotions
o Subjective unit of Disturbance (SUD)
o Location of body sensation
o Target memory – cue word
o Emotions
o Subjective unit of disturbance (SUD)
o Location of body sensation