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Table 8 Binomial test for internal factors

From: Identification and prioritization of critical success factors in faith-based and non-faith-based organizations’ humanitarian supply chain

 CategoryNObserved prop.MeanSDExact sig. (two-tailed) 
Information collectionGroup 170.971.720.70.000 
Group 22.03    
Religious affiliation of the organizationGroup 137.513.311.36.906 
Group 235.49    
Organization’s cultureGroup 138.533.281.26.724 
Group 234.47    
Organization’s structureGroup 167.932.100.84.000 
Group 25.07    
Coordination and collaborationGroup 167.932.060.93.000 
Group 25.07    
Internal communicationGroup 165.902.170.92.000 
Group 27.10