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Table 7 Binomial test for external factors

From: Identification and prioritization of critical success factors in faith-based and non-faith-based organizations’ humanitarian supply chain

 CategoryNObserved Prop.MeanSDExact sig. (two-tailed)
Religion of beneficiariesGroup 1520.722.531.540.000
Group 2200.28   
Culture of beneficiariesGroup 1570.792.311.370.000
Group 2150.21   
Donor restrictions/influenceGroup 1690.961.750.820.000
Group 230.04   
Host government access/policiesGroup 1700.971.690.730.000
Group 220.03   
Blocked supply lines and rugged topographyGroup 1690.961.750.770.000
Group 230.04   
Limited resourcesGroup 17211.560.500.000