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Table 1 Canadian approval status of Interagency Emergency Health Kit drugs

From: Lessons from the Interagency Emergency Health Kit for access to essential medicines in Canada

Drug Unit Approval in Canada
Albendazole, chewable tablet  400 mg Tablet No
Omeprazole, solid oral dosage form 20 mg Tablet/capsule Yes
Amoxicillin, dispersible tablet 250 mg Tablet Yes
Benzyl benzoate, lotion 25% Bottle 1 l No
Chlorhexidine gluconate, solution 5% Bottle 1 l Yes
Ferrous sulfate + folic acid, tablet 200 mg + 0.4 mg Tablet Yes
Ibuprofen, tablet 200 mg Tablet Yes
Miconazole nitrate, cream 2% Tube 30 g Yes
ORS (Oral Rehydration Salt), powder for dilution Sachet for 1 l Yes
Paracetamol (aka Acetaminophen), tablet 100 mg and 500 mg Tablet (two strengths) Yes
Povidone-iodine, solution 10% Bottle 200 ml Yes
Tetracycline, eye ointment 1% Tube 5 g No* (status: dormant)
Zinc sulfate, dispersible tablet 20 mg Tablet Yes
Malaria module (can be withheld from the order upon request)
 Artemether + lumefantrine, tablet and dispersible tablet, 20mg + 120 mg Dispersible tablet and tablet No
  1. *The manufacturer’s website was consulted to confirm that tetracycline eye ointment 1% is not currently being sold (Sterigen—Products 2018)