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Table 3 Ineffective coping strategies code frequency grouped by four overarching themes

From: Thematic analysis of aid workers’ stressors and coping strategies: work, psychological, lifestyle and social dimensions

Ineffective coping strategies
Work   Psychological   Lifestyle   Social connection  
Ineffective work-based strategies 93 Ineffective psychological strategies 73 Unhelpful activities and lack of self- care 177 Ineffective social support strategies 78
 Working more or harder 61  Avoidance/ignoring issues 26  Alcohol 73  Isolation 31
 Procrastination 12  Getting angry 22  Poor diet/over-eating 28  Complaining 23
 Taking on everything 9  Worry and ruminate 15  Watching TV/movies 14  Talking to the wrong people 14
 Poor organisational support 8  Crying and feeling sad 10  Smoking 14  Social withdrawal 10
 Changing jobs 3  Poor sleep habits 10
 Social media/internet 7
 Sex 7
 Drugs 6
 Socialising 6
 Not doing self-care 5
 Caffeine 4
 Shopping 3
  1. N = 218. Each participant’s response was coded into any theme they evoked and could include multiple codes from the same sub-theme. Thus, themes overlap, and a participant may be represented multiple times within a code, sub-theme or overarching theme