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Table 4 Attributes of linking capital in vulnerable urban contexts

From: Social capital in vulnerable urban settings: an analytical framework

Form of social capital Dimension Key issues Indicators (in vulnerable urban contexts—slums and informal settlements)
Linking capital (macro level) Societal institutions and organisations
Societal processes (existence of institutions, quality of and access to services)
Education, political, justice systems
Civic and political engagement
Existence of microfinance institutions, education, health, security, market, religious institutions
Proportion of people who votes in elections
Governance, laws, policies, approaches and strategies Rules, regulations, policies, laws
Partnerships and networks between individuals and communities with those (individuals and institutions) with power, resources and influence
Individual and collective access to services and resources Proportion of individuals with stable source of livelihood (e.g. regular monthly income, stable business)
Proportion of individuals with access to education